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5 Ways to Gain More Time

If you are feeling you could do with a few more minutes or hours in the day then this blog is for you.. My 5 ways to create more time will give you a long lasting effect to keep you on top and in control of all the things life throws at you by making you more efficient and more organised.. How will you spend all your time gained??

1. Have less stuff

Get rid of rubbish, broken items, duplicate items, anything that you don't use anymore. Clearing these items from your space also frees up the time you spent dusting and moving them around to get to the items you need. You also gain space in drawers etc for the items you do want to keep. Simply put, it uses up less time to put away one item than it does ten and you gain time knowing where everything belongs.

2. Time your daily/weekly tasks

Knowing how long tasks take to complete, allows you to better manage your time. Allow yourself the time to clear away too, which is often the sticking point as to why things get left out in the first place. It comes back to the 'putting away one item is quicker than putting away ten'.

3. Write it down

Having an ongoing list of things to do, either on your phone or in a note pad, (whatever works best for you) means that you don't have to use brain power trying to remember everything. This, in turn, leaves your mind freer and able to cope better in the present allowing better focus and efficiency.

4. Find your rhythm

Are you a morning person or an evening person? Working out when you are most productive can help when grouping certain daily tasks together. Maybe you can put on a load of washing while you sort out breakfast, then hang out the clothes before you leave for work. One load of washing a day is more manageable than four at the weekend. Task stacking, (where you add daily tasks like laundry), to things you already do naturally like eating lunch works really well in changing ongoing tasks that can build up over time, into rhythms that become a habit. Once you find your rhythm for everyday tasks, you will find yourself more efficient, with the added bonus of some spare time.

5. Meal plan

Make a meal plan for the week. Include breakfast, lunch, snacks, drinks, and dinner. Order all the ingredients you need to prepare every single meal and you will stop wasting time popping into the shop every day to get more food. As an added bonus to knowing what you are going to cook each week, you also stop wasting precious time thinking about what to cook.

Thanks for reading, I hope some of these ideas were helpful!

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