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ul acsessoModern grey Magnet kitchen with copper handles. Houseplants on worktop. Pink paint inside window niche. Black framed artwork of linocut screenprint of birds circling in the sky

Space & Purpose

Give your space purpose and let me uncover the best  room layout for the space.

I have over 10 years of commercial space planning experience in a variety of sectors. I will produce 2D AutoCAD plans for your office or home. This service is perfect if you are looking for:

  • Initial floorplans for long term projects before discussing with Architects and Builders - where new rooms will go and how they flow as a whole.

  • Furniture layouts - one room or multiple rooms

  • Kitchen design

  • Bathroom design

  • Internal space plans following on from finalised architect drawings - placement of windows, doors, lighting, switches etc bespoke to how you will be using your new spaces.

Getting as much detail onto the plan as possible can save money through costly mistakes and changes later.

I can also produce quick hand drawn sketches to show a 3D vision of a new extension or floor layout you are planning. These sketches can be a great way to help visualise a space, and help communicate ideas to a builder. 

Sometimes it is hard to visualise a space when it hasn't been built yet.  Other times, its hard to unsee what's there currently but you know the space isn't working for you. Let me help you find the best use of space for the way you live in it. 

Please contact me to discuss your project further and to allow me to gain a better understanding of the scale of the project.

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